Webdata.live help

Webdata.live is a digital platform for monitoring of your equipment in real time.
Webdata.live acts as a Web SCADA or HMI, together with supported external data sources, providing real-time data collection, processing, display and archiving of information for monitoring object.

Basic principles

Webdata.live is a site on which any user can deploy a monitoring system of their objects. Those, system is multi-user, and your projects are only available to you and your users, which you can "create". In other words, there is an "account". On one account there can be many your users, your data sources and your forms (screens) grouped in your "projects". it is possible to use any of your data sources in any of your form (in any of your project). I.e. if you have 2 data sources, then you can create, for example, 3 projects with one form in each. In forms of the 1st and of the 2nd project you can display data from the 1st and 2nd data source respectively, and in the form of the 3rd project you can display data from both modems.

When you register on the site - account is created, and the user who created it is the "account administrator". Later, the account administrator can add to his account many "users".

Operation modes

Once logged in, you get into your account, either in the "Operating mode" (if you are a user created by account administrator), or in "configurator" mode (if you are an account administrator).

  1. The Configurator mode (of an account) - The mode is intended for administrators and allows to manage all the entities and configure "operating mode"
  2. Operating mode - The mode is used for monitoring objects in the environment configured by the administrator.