`Configurator` mode

"Configurator" mode allows you to configure the "operating mode" and contains following sections:


This section contains a list of projects. "New Project" button allows to create a new project. "Slug" - is a short name for the project, if specified, it will be used as part of the URL in the address bar that identifies the project. eg https://webdata.live/project slug
By clicking the project name in the list, you get to the project page.
The project includes forms, setting of user access rights to the project, and setting of the project's time zone.

Project Forms

This table contains a list of all forms of the project. "New Form" button allows to create a new form. "Slug" - is a short name of the form, if specified, it will be used as part of the URL in the address bar that identifies this form. eg https://webdata.live/project slug/form slug
Icon "Eye" makes preview of this form in the "Operating mode"
Icon "Pencil" allows you to edit name and slug of the form
Icon "Cross" allows you to delete the form
The radio button next to the form name in the list allows you to set the form as default for the project. The button "X" above the radio buttons, allows you to remove the default form for the project.
By clicking on the name of the form, you get to the form editor.

Users which have access to the "project"

It is a list of all registered users; checkmark to the right of the user shows who is allowed to open the project form in the "Operating" mode. An account administrator has access to all projects in the account.

Project timezone (for charts)

You can set the time zone, this setting will control all the time within the project. Currently, this setting affects the time display for WHistoricChart WRealtimeChart component in user forms.

Data Sources

Contains a list of all data sources (at present moment - modems TU41-DVK). If you have TU41-DVK modem, but it is not listed, you can add it by clicking the "Add datasource" button and specify its IMEI for the "Datasource code" field.
Icon "Pencil" allows you to edit the name of the modem (this name should be specified during tags configuration in the form configurator)
Icon "Cross" allows you to delete the data source.
Clicking the name of the modem opens a detailed information on it:
Field "Status" allows to determine whether the data source is currently connected with server [Online/Offline]
If the modem was already connected at least once before to webdata.live, then this page will provide information on its settings: "Settings synchronization time", "settings modification time", as well as a tree-like list of tags configured in the "Tags information" :
If the modem is online, then the list will also display latest tag values, ​​that system has received, since the beginning of the modem's last session within the server.
If tag is historical (it is stored in the database), then it's trend can be viewed by clicking on the "history" link, next to the tag. Switch "display only tags with history." allows you to quickly filter out all tags with the history.

Tag history

This window displays tag history for all the time. You can use inputs to enter dates (fields "from" and "to") as well as use mouse and highlight interesting area - to zoom interesting period. To restore initial zoom you can click the "reset zoom" button.


This section allows you to manage your uploaded files - images. These images can later be used in the form editor.


This section is a list of all registered users. The button "New user" allows you to add a new user to your account. You must enter name, email and create a password. To edit a user, you need to click on its name in the table. Here you can also change a default project for the user.